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The Shopping Cart Page settings can be found in the Shopping Cart Administration Area under Settings > General Settings > Shopping Cart Page.

Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images are small images of your products. Use this setting if you have thumbnail images and would like to display them when customers view their shopping cart.

In the Thumbnail Images box, enter the URL for the folder where you store all thumbnail images. (e.g., In the Products area, you can assign a specific thumbnail image file (e.g., shirt.jpg) to each product.

NOTE: You can also leave the Thumbnail Images box blank and in the Products area, assign a full thumbnail image URL to each product (e.g.,

Maximum thumbnail width in pixels. Set this value if you do not have small images of your products. You can use your normal sized product images and allow the shopping cart to resize them.

Shipping Calculator

The shipping calculator allows your customers to enter their postal code, country and select a shipping option from the shopping cart page. Some users disable this feature to offer a less cluttered and more streamlined checkout experience. If you disable the shipping calculator, your customers will still be able to select their shipping method on the following page, after they enter their shipping address.

Related Products

Enable related products if you would like to suggest other products to your customers. Related products will display on the shopping cart page.

Currency Symbol

The currency symbol you would like to display in front of currency amounts (e.g., $29.95).

Allow Changing Quantity

Enable Allow Changing Quantity to display a quantity input box for each item. This will allow your customers to change the quantity of items they are ordering while viewing their shopping cart.

Add to Cart Action

This setting controls the action that occurs after customers click on an "Add to Cart" button on your website.

Select display the contents of their cart to send your customers to the shopping cart page. They would return to your website by clicking on the "Back to Shopping" button.

Select Stay on my website to display a pop-up message that lets your customer know they added an item to their cart. Your customer will then be redirected back to the product page they were on.

Shopping Cart Sessions

The length of time in hours before a cart session becomes invalid. For example, setting to 36 hours will allow your customers to add items to their cart and come back 3 days later to find the same items in their cart. After 36 hours, they would start with a new cart.

Email Cart Link

If enabled, your customers will be able to click on an "Email Cart" link and share a copy of their shopping cart with others. If you use the Send Invoice feature (Orders > Send Invoice), you can disable the "Email Cart" link when the shopping cart is used to pay an invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the "Back to Shopping" button send my customers?

The "Back to Shopping" button will send your customers to the Return URL you assigned to each product (see Products > Edit). This is normally the same page the product is on. If you did not set a Return URL, the cart will still try to send your customer back to the page they came from. Sometimes browsers block referring page information, in which case, the Back to Shopping button will send your customer back to the website address you set in Settings > Website Address.

We highly recommend always setting a Return URL for each product to ensure your customers are always returned to the page you want them to go.

I only sell one product and offer one method of payment. Can I skip the shopping cart page?

Yes. You do this by inserting the following line into your "Add to Cart" html code: <input type="hidden" name="nocart" value="PAY METHOD">

Replace PAY METHOD with one of the following codes: cc - pay by credit card check - pay by check cod - pay by COD po - pay by purchase order phone - pay by phone fax - pay by fax mail - pay by mail paypal - pay by PayPal

Be sure the "Add to Cart" <form> action URL uses https and not http. For example, <form method="post" action="">

I only sell one product but offer multiple forms of payment. Can I just display the payment options and not the shopping cart?

Yes. You do this by inserting the following line into your "Add to Cart" html code: <input type="hidden" name="nocart" value="showpay">

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